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Analysis of the market status and competitive landscape

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Major listed companies: Neway shares (603699), China National Nuclear Technology (000777), Weilong shares (002871), Jiangsu Shentong (002438), South Valve (833678), Huvalve Holdings (835141), Zhejiang Linuo (300838)

The core data of this article: the development history of the global valve manufacturing industry, the distribution of downstream applications in the valve manufacturing industry, and the market scale of the global valve manufacturing industry

——Valves are an important part of traditional manufacturing

Valve is a kind of pressure piping component, it is a device used to change the section of the pipeline and the flow direction of the medium, and control the pressure, flow and temperature of the conveying medium. It has the functions of diversion, interception, regulation, prevention of backflow, diversion or overflow and pressure relief. It is widely used in all major fields of the national economy. It is an important equipment for energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries. It is also a fixed machinery and pipeline. One of the key equipment in the asset.

Valves have a wide range of uses, many types, and many classification methods. The total can be divided into two categories:


——Valve development has gone through 4 stages


The emergence of valves on a global scale can be traced back to my country’s Spring and Autumn and Warring States as well as the civilizations of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, but the world’s universally recognized valve first appeared in the ancient Roman period. The ancient Romans developed a rather complex water system for crop irrigation. A plug valve and a plunger valve are used, and a check valve is used to prevent backflow of water. During the Renaissance, valves were also used in ditches, irrigation projects, and other large-scale hydraulic system projects designed by the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci.

After the Second World War, due to the needs of post-war reconstruction in many countries, and because of the development of various special materials, including polymer materials, smooth materials, stainless steel and cobalt-based cemented carbide, the old plug valves and butterfly valves have been newly used. , Ball valves and diaphragm valves based on the evolution of plug valves have been rapidly developed. Cut-off valves, gate valves and other valve types have been added, and the quality has improved. The valve manufacturing industry has gradually become an important sector of the machinery industry.

Up to now, with the development of industry and technology, valves have penetrated into all walks of life. From the construction industry to the electronics industry, from the petrochemical industry to the aerospace industry, valves all play an important role.


——The downstream valve industry is dominated by oil and gas, chemical, energy and other industries


According to data released by Mcilvaine, the downstream industries of valve manufacturing include oil and gas, energy, refining and chemical industries, chemicals, wastewater, papermaking, irrigation, steel, medicine and other industries. Among them, the oil and natural gas industries have the largest demand for valves, accounting for 17% of the downstream valve manufacturing industries. The second and third industries are energy and refining industries, accounting for 14% and 13%, respectively.


——The market size has exceeded 70 billion U.S. dollars


Since the valve manufacturing industry emerged earlier and the overall market development worldwide is relatively complete, the growth rate has not been fast in recent years, with a compound growth rate of only 3.9% from 2015 to 2020. According to GIA's data, the global valve manufacturing industry's market size is USD 73.2 billion in 2020.


——The United States and China have become the world's largest valve manufacturing market


The international valve market has been very active in recent years and the competition is fierce. The import and export of valves in East Asia and Southeast Asia has grown rapidly, the market trade between North America and the European Community and other developed countries has continued to develop, the exports of Germany, Italy, Japan, China and other countries and regions have expanded, and the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries have imported high-speed Growth has formed the support point for the prosperity of the international valve market.

Due to the further internationalization of the world economy, multinational companies continue to promote the development of the international valve market, and the regionalization of international trade has become another major feature. In addition, due to factors such as rising costs, major valve manufacturers such as Italy, Japan, South Korea, etc. have shifted their industries to developing countries and regions, and China has thus become a major producer of low-end valves.


On the whole, the global valve manufacturing industry is currently undergoing an industry transformation period, and its extensive downstream applications are destined to not be eliminated in the short term. The impact of the fourth industrial revolution will catalyze the accelerated transformation and development of the valve manufacturing industry.


The above data comes from the " Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report of China's Valve Manufacturing Industry " by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute. At the same time, the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute also provides industrial big data, industrial research, industrial chain consulting, industrial map, industrial planning, park planning, Solutions such as industry investment promotion, IPO fundraising and investment feasibility study, and prospectus writing.

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