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The development of industry is inseparable from valves

author:pbmo.cn Release time:2023-01-16 17:40:37click:300

As early as 2010, China far surpassed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world, but it can not be called an industrial power in terms of industrial technology. Practice has proved that the difference between a big country and a powerful country lies in how much core technology you master. Compared with developed countries, there are still few key core technologies independently developed by us, and the core accessories of many products still rely on imports. Therefore, the prices of many commodities remain high, which greatly improves the cost control.

From the perspective of the domestic valve industry, as one of the general parts industry, the core technology of most high-end valve parts is basically introduced from abroad. As a processing plant, China can only engage in mechanical production. However, with the rise of China's economy, the state also supports the innovation and R & D of valve enterprises. Domestic valve manufacturers keep pace with the times, valve production moves towards valve R & D, and some valve manufacturing moves towards valve intelligent manufacturing. Among these enterprises, Shenyang Tyco is one of the representatives.

Valve is an important part of equipment manufacturing industry and an indispensable control equipment in industrial fluid devices. In the near future, China's valve industry will be able to catch up with similar foreign enterprises, occupy a certain share in the world valve market and become a powerful valve manufacturing country.

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